Why you should live in Vancouver

Today I want to talk about why Vancouver is considered the best city for life. To answer this question we need to understand what is the situation in Vancouver today and what political course aimed at maintaining and improving this situation.

will Not be superfluous to mention that we vancouverca, live on the West coast of Canada, where the water protects us huge island. Mountains from the North, many agricultural lands in the East, the border with the United States in the South – here is what surrounds the residents of Vancouver.

the city Itself is part of a very large region. As for the population, in Vancouver, there are about 630 thousand inhabitants. What makes Vancouver so much more comfortable for its residents and visitors? 

In the city centre, people not only work but also live

If you remember, what were the countries of North America in the 1960s, the first thing I would notice is the General lack of any control on the roads. In fact, the road was a free track on which no one was regulated. And if you then decided to travel all over America from the South to the North – through Mexico, California, Oregon, and finally Washington, D.C. – can bet that your path does not met any of the traffic light. Of course, as long as you never came to Vancouver, where the start is really urban, well-organized road. This is one of the most important merits of urban policy, and it has influenced other areas of development Vancouver.

first – economically employed population. In 2006, new rules for city identified vector: as more and more people had to live in downtown Vancouver. This meant at the same time and the easy and fast way to the office, and the ability to not stand in night traffic on the way home.

These innovations have determined the course of urban development – as the business centre of the city, usually quite small, and people needed somewhere to settle. And then in Vancouver appeared the so-called podium towers, that is your high-rises. Not only that, we managed to settle in need of housing in the city centre people, built as two-story buildings and skyscrapers with 60 floors and above, so we built these towers, guided visual aesthetic criteria. In other words, our tower is not blocking any view of the city, nor the view of the beautiful mountains, which are vancouverca easy to get on a bike for a few minutes.

again, This makes us the city where you want to live. 

Business green

If our city is called green, and we insist on “green economy”. What does this mean? This means that we have made the economy work for the benefit of the environment and, conversely, create jobs in the areas of agriculture, ordered raw materials companies to employ new territory with new people. $ 60 million – this amount was received by Vancouver after the Olympic games on the introduction of new specialties in the field of teleoperate. So in fact by itself has solved the problem of unemployment.

I can not say about transport in the city. 44% of vancouversun moving on bicycles on dedicated lines. Interestingly, after these lines appeared, those using bicycles women and children increased by 11%. 

however, we did not expand the road, not to build new highways, we just gave the space cars, people on bikes, what does not regret.

Food. We vancouverca adored good food – we, of course, the city of gourmets. If you are looking for something delicious and healthy in Vancouver, visit the public gardens and the shops with them, farmers supermarkets and food centres. There people can sell grown their vegetables, fruits, can cook, eat and entertain your loved ones. In General, hungry and bored as it is.

of Course, our organic food is nothing without clean water. We get it from mountain snow and rain, accumulating water in special tanks. In fact, we have water very clean, but the government still encourages citizens to filter individually. In addition, the city everywhere there is a vending machine with drinking water. This is a very recent decision of the city Council.

We are very sensitive about the matter of waste disposal. Our main objective in this sense is the maximum processing in organic fertilizers. So, in may of this year was revised to 50 thousand tons of trash. 

City for residents

in Addition to human contact with nature, we try to establish contact between people. Important here I think the creation of public spaces, where people can simply communicate with each other. Moreover, we have designated days on which the city authorities cover the most extensive and constantly clogged machines streets of Vancouver with the aim of providing people walking areas, places for self-expression and so on. By the way, vancouverca always very warm welcome street performers – artists, musicians, actors. In turn, the government annually allocates $ 10 million to various arts organizations and foundations, and this is an absolute record in North America.

of Course, we cannot ignore the fact that life in Vancouver is very expensive. In this regard, we are always in the top three four of the most expensive cities in the world.

However, the authorities confidently predict an increase in the share of the middle class. For this special built houses for people with low income level, actively developing rental housing programs to subsidize.

This is how I see Vancouver ’ s really suitable for life. But, I also want to note that today’s Moscow with its smiling people, sitting on the veranda café, surrounded by bright green trees, enjoying lunch or views of the nearby stylish business centre, quite close to becoming the Vancouver worthy competitor. 

Gaetan,Royer, managing urban planning, environment and parks in the greater Vancouver

I would like to pay attention to one of the most important trends in modern urban development – to increase the share of the urban population. And, although this trend is observed throughout the world, the most illustrative example I think it is Vancouver.

As already mentioned, Vancouver – this is part of the giant of the region, including 21 surrounding the town. The population is growing at an unprecedented pace in 2011, there were 2.3 million people, today – 2.5 million, and by 2041 is expected to rise to at least 3.6 million. And, of course, it can not affect the economy of the region as a whole and each subject in particular.

When you see all these figures population statistics, one is tempted to ask: how can all these people to provide jobs and adequate conditions of life? In the theory – without doubt. But in practice – while the region has a total of 6 thousand vacancies and new specialties, mostly related to agriculture.

So many people still need and properly managed. To do this, each subject region has its own Council, entitled to participate in the development of the master plan for the development of Vancouver. It is quite difficult to reach consensus among all such advice. So were organized anonymous elections, the results of which reveal the most correct and objectively useful solutions.

One of them was required strict separation of land in the region in the industrial area and recreation area, nature reserve, which in any case should not be affected by industrial processes.

the Next and, perhaps, the fundamental important decision of the members of the regional Council was a special approach to the construction of new buildings in the cities. Here are a few points of the new format development:

  • the Diversion of vast areas of forests, mountain slopes for public parks.
  • Creation of so-called business Park, which will include numerous offices, shops, health clubs and similar organizations.
  • the Resettlement of families from a separate single-storey cottages in multi-family homes (already relocated 2/3 families).

we are Also planning major changes in the organization of urban Railways. In my opinion, it would be very wise to close some line of traffic, to prohibit the access of vehicles to the quays. It is easy to guess that all these measures are designed global climate improvements, and with the hope of spreading ecotransport in the cities of the region.

In a nutshell, our main goal – the resettlement of more people on a smaller area, reducing the number of cars by increasing the number of pedestrians and cyclists and as a priority – protection from exposure to it industry.

In fact, the rules and goals are simple, but they certainly need to include people at all stages of implementation.